The Return of Sangai

The dear story of a deer, saved from extinction, at the only floating National Park in the world, Keibul Lamjao National Park


"Congratulations! Your film is terrific. I’ve been showing it to all my friends and I am proud of you.

It’s a great subject, well narrated, with excellent photography and illustrations."

Bruce Dale, National Geographic Photographer


Singali la In the Himalaya

The story of a young Keratoconus patient finding his way in life to trek through the Himalayas and finds that, the best medicine for his eyes are the sights of the beautiful mountains and valleys in the Himalayas.

The film progress with a 14 day long trek along the border of India and Nepal, known as the Singalila Ridge from where the team enjoys panoramic views of Mount Kangchenjunga and Mount Everest.

On the 13th day, the team reach a remote village at the border of India and Nepal, inhibited by a lone nomadic yak herder. These are the last generation of nomadic yak herders found in the Himalayas


"I am sorry to read about the condition you suffer from, but equally Inspired by your positive attitude and the way you have chosen to contend with your challenges. Kudos!"

Madhu Shetty, Travel Writer


Goecha La : In Search of Khangchenjunga

An award winning documentary film by George Thengummoottil on Goecha La Trek in Sikkim Himalayas of India showing the scenic beauty of Himalayas from low altitude forests and Snow cover to Trans Himalayan region.


The film was shot during winter 2011 using Canon EOS 500D powered with Solar Power.

In December 2011, ZY and I went on a little trekking trip to Goecha La. It was an unusually cold December and the snow has set in early. It was off peak season due to the cold and we were mostly by ourselves up in the mountains. Before heading up,

the weather was really bad and 2 teams actually dropped out. However with a little bit of luck, we had pretty good weather along the way and great views. The night was still bitterly cold, especially for a tropic animal. Winds were strong and on certain nights temperature went around -10C to -15C.

 It certainly didnt help when the tent I shared with George practically ripped off in the middle of the night. Well at least the stars were awesome. A great trip I will always remember. Happy Days. ..

Lucas Tan


The Camera Man

The film speaks about the history of Photography through the eyes of camera collector Jaison's Pala.

Edit in progress: expected to be out by October 2016.


Motor bike tour through on of the most treacherous road in the Himalayas: Himachal Pradesh, India.

Edit in progress: expected to be out by December 2016.

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